Chapter introduction

Learning goals

  • Understand how Fauna automatically creates resources based on your GraphQL schema.
  • Navigate the Fauna dashboard and GraphQL playground.
  • Accomplish common tasks such as user authentication with GraphQL.


  • A Fauna account. You can sign up for an account and complete this workshop using Fauna’s free tier.
  • Some familiarity with GraphQL. Visit Introduction to GraphQL to learn more.
  • A modern web browser and internet connection.

Fauna is a flexible, developer-friendly, transactional serverless database delivered as a secure and scalable cloud API with native GraphQL. When you use Fauna you don’t have to worry about database provisioning, scaling, sharding, replication, or correctness. If you know GraphQL you will feel right at home with Fauna.

We suggest completing this chapter of the workshop even if you have already built applications with GraphQL and Fauna. This chapter provides both a foundation for the second chapter and some suggested practices that we believe help users build more effectively with Fauna.